Harvest For Christ at Orange in NSW

Please Note:This replaces a post from 2010 which had been corrupted by hackers. Our site is clean and safe. – Ron

Our time with Glen and Rhonda Reid at Harvest for Christ in Orange NSW was excellent. We ministered with the young people and in both their Sunday services.

In the Youth Meeting on Friday night we shared with them that each one can and should minister in the Holy Ghost as a normal part of life. We encouraged them that no matter where they have come from and what their former lives have been like, the power of the Holy Spirit is available to them and that God really wants to use them. We encouraged them to step out in ministering to each other and to the wider body and non believers as well.

We taught them how to minister to each other in prayer, how to minister the healing anointing and how to minister peace, joy and blessing to each other. We did two workshops with them, demonstrating these ministries and allowing each one the opportunity to minister. It was very encouraging!

During the meeting they all prayed for a young man who had suffered from flat feet. They gathered round him and began to minister as they had been taught and right there and he was healed. They were all elated that their prayers were effectual, that they had wielded spiritual power and that it had worked! It was a great meeting and no-one wanted to go home afterwards.

On Sunday morning we ministered in words of knowledge, healing and we taught on How to Deal with the Enemy’s Attacks on Your Peace and Confidence.


We had a word of knowledge for painful feet. A lady came out who had poor circulation in her feet which caused them to be cold, numb and painful to walk on. Her feet became warm, the numbness 90% left and the pain cleared up. She also had pain in the lumbar region of her back that cleared up straight away! Thank you Jesus.

Another man had a feeling like a band of iron in his neck, stopping him from turning his head and causing a lot of pain. He was released instantly.

Another lady had been punished as a child by being closed in a cupboard, she came out in response to a word of knowledge about it and was ministered to, receiving a significant healing as a result.

Sunday night’s meeting was equally good, the Lord met us in a remarkable way. Justine had three words of knowledge. 1. Recently diagnosed diabeties; 2. Someone who had a family history of female problems and great difficulties in childbearing and feared that it would come upon them as well; and 3. Someone had a ‘grey cloud’ over their head and distressed and fuzzy thinking. No-one came out for any of them.

After the word, people responded to each one of these words! They were all ministered to and received their healings, as well as a large number of others who came out for ministry at the end of the service. The third word of knowledge about the ‘grey cloud’ had three people come out in response, one of whom was just visiting the church for the night and she got saved! Thank you Jesus.

There was great ministry of impartation, prophetic words for people and strengthening ministry as well. It was a great meeting and once again, no-one wanted to go home. We love the feel of the Orange and believe there is a definite climate of revival over the church and the town.