Lady healed of body-wide Pain

A lady came forward for prayer who had suffered pain in her shoulders for several years; pain in her knees for ‘many years’ and also pain in her abdomen for years as well. When asked if she was in pain at the present, she answered that she was always in pain, never without it, and that pain killers no longer worked for her. She also said that she had a racing heartbeat that bothered her, and that it was racing at the moment.

We prayed for her shoulders and the pain immediately left; then we prayed for her knees, and the pain diminished, so we prayed again, and the pain diminished again. The third time we prayed the pain left completely when she stood up to give praise to God!

We asked an 11 year old girl to come and pray for her heart, which she did. When the little girl prayed her heart normalised! She was very happy and also reported that the pain in her abdomen was gone.

Praise the Lord of Healing. This lady walked and skipped away, singing the praises of God as she was free of pain for the first time in many years!