Elevator Healing

elevatorA lady got on the elevator, she touched her temple in a way that suggested to me that she had a headache. I asked her whether she was feeling well and she told me she had a migraine.

I love elevators. Captive audience.

There were others on the elevator at the time, I ignored them and asked her if I could help her, if I could take the migraine away for her. She looked at me like I was crazy. The others subtly moved a little further away. You can’t blame them, they probably thought I was a bit strange.

I explained that I was a Christian, and that if she let me pray, God would take her migraine away. She agreed. Again I asked if I could touch her forehead, she agreed again.

I prayed and commanded the headache to go. She looked different but reported that it was still there a bit. I prayed again and the migraine left her. I told her that it was because God loved her and that she would see what he would do for her. The look on her face was priceless: such relief.

The ground floor came, the lift doors opened and a whole bunch of people got out of the elevator having had an encounter with the Living God!