Knees healed waiting for the bus.

As I was walking past an older lady,  maybe in her seventies, sitting at the bus stop, I noticed she had a pained expression on her face and was rubbing her knees.  I could have walked on.  You never know what people will think,  you never know if they will be affronted,  afraid,  embarrassed or aggressive and make a scene.  It is easier to walk on, than “stop for the one,” as Heidi Baker says.  I didn’t have a deep spiritual experience,  hear a voice or have a word of knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:8), I just felt compassion for this dear old lady.

I stopped and said,  “Hello,  are your knees hurting?”

“Yes,  I have bad knees and they are always like this.  It’s very painful.”

“You know,  I’m a Christian,  and often when I pray for people, they get better. Would you like me to take the pain out of your knees?”

“Oh!” She said, “I believe in Jesus too, I always have believed in Jesus.”

“Would you like me to pray now and let Jesus get rid of this pain for you?”

“Yes, please,  if you think he will.  I pray to Jesus every day.”

With that I prayed a very simple prayer,  commanding the pain and its causes to leave her knees and get out of her body.  I prayed in Jesus’ name,  of course, and the pain left!  She was very excited and told me that Jesus had touched her!  She immediately got up and walked around and even have me a hug!! She said how good her knees felt. She gave Praise to Jesus and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s told everyone she knows.

Ordinary people can have extraordinary encounters with the living God if we will just step out of our comfort zone and reach out with compassion and trust God for the outcome.