Lady Healed of Chronic Pain from Fistula

A lady in Brisbane who had for years been plagued with chronic pain from a tumour that had eaten away into her flesh causing a large open wound was astounded when the pain left as she was prayed for tonight. She said that she had been in increasing pain since 2003 or 2004 and that for a very long time the pain had been constant and agonising.

She also suffered from tinnitus in her left ear and loss of hearing in that same ear. When the Lord touched her, the tinnitus left instantly and then with another prayer her hearing returned. Praise the Lord, he is so faithful to his people. Truly he has forgiven all our sins and healed all our diseases (Psalm 103).

The next thing we prayed for was the tumours in her body, commanding the pain of them to leaver her. Instantly the pain lessened, so we prayed again and the pain left completely, leaving an ache in an associated part of her body. Praise the Lord, she was touched again by God and the ache left too!

Keep tuned for further updates on this particular lady.