Lady Healed on the Plane

As I was sitting next to a lady on the plane, returning to Brisbane last night, I became aware of the Lord’s presence. I also became aware that she had pain in her left hip. I asked her if she was experiencing pain in the left hip.

She told me that years ago she had injured her RIGHT knee and had since then favoured it, resulting in pain in her upper left leg and especially in her hip. I told her that I was a Christian and asked her if she would allow me to take the pain out. I said, “Would you like me to take that pain away? I can pray for it and God will remove it for you.”

I know it sounds weird, but sometimes we just have to contextualise our faith in a way that people can understand it and accept it. She looked very surprised and agreed.

I prayed for her. Twice. The pain left. She was happy.

I then asked her if she had pain in her right knee, as she had mentioned it. She said she ALWAYS had pain in her right knee.

“Right now?” I asked.

“Yes, right now.In fact it is quite painful.”

“May I pray for your knee too?”

“Yes, please.”

So I prayed for her right knee. The first time, the pain lessened, then the second time, the pain was gone completely. Praise the Lord!

Then the Lord gave me a word for this lady, and I ended up saying to her that the healing of her leg and hip were a sign to her of God’s love and that He is going to do something wonderful in her life. I encouraged her to believe Him and love him and be thankful to him for the release of the pain and also for what He is going to do.

I love praying for people on planes. They can’t go anywhere!