Memories touched by the Lord

A lady wrote to us of an experience she had in a meeting recently where she received a prophetic word:

Praise the LORD! For sure brother! My sister and I are soo blessed with the ministry you have brought with you and the ‘AGAPE LOVE’ you have shown not only to us but everyone who has been touched by your ministry this week. How beautiful are the feet of those whom bring the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will always continue to pray for you and your wonderful whanau (family) back home. Cant wait to meet them in person. God bless you abundantly in your ministry, family, finances and encounters with not only him but new brothers and sisters you have not met yet. Bless ya.

When you gave me a word of knowledge from the Lord concerning the green door. Many times I hid in the hot water cylinder when I was in fear of a beating or one of my siblings was being beaten. I would shut myself in the cupboard to hide and hug the cylinder. I thought at the time it gave me comfort. I would hear my siblings scream and plead for the beatings to stop. Inwardly I screamed asking the Lord to stop it. My little body shuddering with despair and anger. I would sob uncontrollably until I was exhausted. I always knew the Lord was there with me. This morning I realized Jesus I knew to be with me, but I had an epiphany… I had never heard him cry until you did last night. I found myself comforting the Lord in my quiet time, ‘its OK Lord, its OK… I knew you were there and its OK.

There were 11 of us kids and very rarely did we experience a day of no beatings. The fury of the devil was unleashed in our home growing up. Nevertheless my Mum raised us alone and as cruel as it seems, it doesn’t come close to her upbringing. I don’t justify her actions. As Yongy Cho was advised by a young girl who led him to Jesus… How do you eat fish? Eat the flesh and spit out the bones. I will only remember the beautiful things about Mum, everything else means nothing to me. I love my Mum with a passion and forgave her of the past shortly after becoming a Christian. With the Lords supernatural help of coarse, lol. The Lord restored our relationship better then ever. My Mum gave her heart to Jesus 6 February 2000 and went to be with him 7 February 2000.