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Ministry Overview

Activating Spiritual Gifts. Teaching on operating in words of knowledge, healing and miracles, how to live in victory over your circumstances, how to keep your healing and much more! Coaching for Pastors and Leaders. Leadership Training. Spiritual resources for healthy churches.

About the Ministry

Our meetings are generally marked by a deep sense of the presence of the Lord, accompanied by words of knowledge, the prophetic word and healing. Physical infirmities are often healed either instantly or during the course of the meeting.

People sometimes find they are healed as they sit in their seats or during worship. Others are healed as they are prayed for by members of the congregation. This is very encouraging and exciting for people as they see their prayers answered!

In our meetings, we have seen God heal those who have been afflicted by paralysis, joint pain, necrosis, sciatic nerve pain, frozen shoulders, leg pain and weak ankles, heel spurs, acute chest pain, acute and chronic abdominal pain, bladder problems, child-bearing difficulties, rheumatoid arthritis and many other infirmities.

The Lord is lighting revival fires all over Australia and New Zealand. We have a passion to see Christians empowered to live fulfilled and triumphant lives in Christ. Back to top of page

About Justine and Ron

Justine and Ron Simms are ordained through The Full Gospel Churches of Australia, are members of the Southern Cross Association of Churches and work out of Worship Centre, Brisbane under the oversight of Pastor Clark Taylor. They have a vision to build God’s Kingdom by equipping, enabling, strengthening and encouraging spiritual leaders and believers in local churches and ministries.

Justine and Ron minister on life in the Spirit and Kingdom living and are used in especially in healing. They provide ministry and training in operating the gifts of the Spirit, spiritual gift activation, leadership training, marriage enrichment and taming your finances.

Justine brings a strong prophetic, healing and miracles mantle and has a passion to see healthy local churches where both men and women are used of God to rescue the lost and raise up strong, power-filled believers. She has ministered widely throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific and sees strong healing power released in every meeting in which she ministers.

Ron has ministered widely throughout Australia and also in Asia/Pacific over many years in conferences and various churches. He has broad experience in business as well as church life, which brings greater depth to his ministry. He is also part of the National Executive Committee of The Full Gospel Churches of Australia. His belief that healing and miracles are for the church today is strengthened and confirmed by the fact that miracles and healing regularly happen in meetings where we minister.

Justine and Ron have two children and two extraordinarily clever grandchildren. They love to play with them when not travelling.

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About our Testimonies Pages

Simply His seeks to encourage the Body of Christ to believe God for help in their lives. We believe in the power of God to bring healing to people’s bodies and minds, as well as the miraculous intervention of God to change people’s circumstances.

We regularly publish fresh testimony of what we see the Lord doing in our ministry both at the meetings we conduct and from testimonies we receive afterwards.

By sending testimony you help us help others to place faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for their own situation. Sending testimony implies  permission for us to publish. We do not publish information that contains full names and contact details. If you do not want any details published, please let us know and we will withhold these details.

We are very respectful of your right to privacy and keep all personal information confidential.

Your contribution of testimony to the Lord’s goodness helps people to place their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We include testimonies on our website as an encouragement for the Body of Christ and because we believe that the Lord’s healing power is in no way diminished and that healing by the wounds of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:24) is as much for today’s church as it ever has been. We believe that healing is part of the body ministry and that the whole church is called to “lay hands on the sick and they shall recover” (Mark 16:18b), that there is healing available through prayer (James 5:14,15) and that God is a healing God who loves to heal those who seek Him (Psalm 103:1-3).

We have omitted personal details in these testimonies for a number of reasons. Principally, we care for the people concerned and have a strong desire to protect their identities. The internet is a large community and we have no control over who views these pages or what they do with the information they gather so we choose to protect the people concerned by not divulging their identifiable personal information. We hope you will understand and agree with this decision.

These testimonies are in no way a self glorification of us or this ministry, but to the glory of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit and of course to our heavenly Father. Back to top of page