Hosting Our Ministry

Prayer Ministry is every believer's privilegeWhether you would like us to minister in a church service or a youth meeting or at a Healing Conference or a School of Supernatural Power and Impartation, we respond prayerfully to invitations to minister.

We offer Schools and Courses of varying lengths on various subjects from How to Heal the Sick to achieving Financial Freedom to having an Amazing Marriage.

Teaching Leadership


We offer Healing and Miracle crusades and meetings where the Lord’s power is present to heal. We see healing and miracles in every meeting.

Justine Preaching on Words of KnowledgeWe offer leadership training on how to lead a move of the Spirit for leaders within the church, emerging leaders, elders and deacons.

If you would like to host us in your church or group, just contact us via our contact page.

Its easy to host our ministry, our requirements are:

  • Travel Costs
  • Accommodation
  • A love offering to be taken each time we minister, or if you want to host a School or Course,
  • The minimum number of participants for the course you would like to host.

We are flexible and willing to work with you if you have special requirements or circumstances. Our heart is to be of service to the body of Christ and we especially have a desire to service areas where other ministries might not go.

If you would like to host our ministry contact us today, we would love to help you and work with you in the kingdom of God.