Pastor Terry Kubala of City Church, Christchurch, New ZealandPastor Terry Kubala, City Church Christchurch, New Zealand

We had the privilege of having Ron and Justine minister to our congregation over a weekend. They ran a marriage seminar for us upon request which was presented in a fun and relaxed manner yet had great content. It also had some powerful activation throughout the day. I have been a pastor now for ten years and still learned a range of new ideas that I can implement in my life as well as teach other to do in theirs. Since that week end I have had a number of testimonies of people applying the teachings and having life transformation moments in their marriages and personal life. Ron preached in the morning service and Justine at night. Both imparted the word powerfully as well as ministering in the spirit, words of knowledge and prophecy.  It’s with pleasure that I commend and recommend them to you.


Terry Kubala

City Church Christchurch

Rex Poke – Smithton, Tasmania, Australia

Your visit with us was a divine appointment.  It carried with it the touch of Heaven .  Our lives and those you ministered to have been lifted to “Higher ground.”

We want to encourage you, as if you needed it, that we can report, first hand, the blessing and the changes in the lives of folk who came to visit with you at our place.  You have been a wonderful example to us as ministers of God’s Grace.

The lady you prayed for one afternoon, Justine, is really abounding in a new energy and brightness in the Spirit.  With remarkable improvement in her health and her Joy in the Lord she is witnessing to the love and healing of Jesus in her life.  Her whole outlook on life has changed and everybody who knew her is commenting about it.

The meeting we had that Wed. night was so filled with God’s love and the presence of Holy Spirit.  There were a number of real victories, besides the physical healings, praise the Lord!

But God is so good!!  We do appreciate your input and advice.

Rex and Joan Poke.
Smithton, Tasmania.

Pastor Micheal Cumming, NSW, Australia

Ron and Justine love God and are gentle people that powerfully minister “restoration to the lost” and “comfort to the broken hearted”.  Whilst they do so they imbue faith, hope and love into the life of the Church.


They have a desire to see that the expectancy they have for God to do His work survives long after their visit and this is evident in their participative and inclusive manner.   We have just had our second visit now where everyone received something from the Lord and everyone had an opportunity to be “at the coal face”, learning and experiencing first hand God at work.


Since their visit a year ago, the church has continued to see the outworking from that first visit.   This last visit clearly built upon the last and whilst we were all so very blessed on the day, I am even more excited to see what is to come.


This lovely couple has undoubtedly touched our lives and our church and we don’t see them as ad-hoc itinerant ministers but part of our family.  We are drawn by love to support them and take great interest in what God has them doing.


We look forward to their next visit and are sure you will too …


Pastor Wayne Manoni, WA, Australia

I have found Ron and Justine Simms to be extremely humble, sincere and Spirit led in their approach to ministry. They have a real heart to serve God and His Church, to equip and encourage the “Body” to be living in all the fullness of our inheritance.

We have seen people freed of back, shoulder, hip and leg pain from their ministry and I have just had confirmation that a couple struggling with infertility for some time, fell pregnant a week after their visit, “Praise God”.

It is encouraging to see people equipping all believers to be walking in these areas, not just coming in and doing it all themselves, they have raised the level of faith and confidence for us all to be part of God’s ministering work on Earth.

Pastor Danny Steel, Invercargill, New Zealand

Pastor Murray Parr, NSW, Australia

Ron & Justine blessed our church in August 2009 with a healing service. On that day we saw them lay hands on many in our fellowship and I can report that many were healed, including a woman who had had much difficulty falling pregnant many years. She is now expecting her first child as a healing from that seven months ago. Praise God.

Name withheld, NSW, Australia

Hi Guys, God is really using you both so powerfully and after church last Sunday when you were here, I felt a change in my heart. My husband had been praying for someone to come along and speak powerfully into my life and circumstances, we are both so grateful for that answer to prayer.

Pastors Roy and Janet Edmonds, NSW, Australia

Thanks so very much for your ministry and visit to us. It was truly a very glorious weekend together in His presence. May the Spirit give you an even more sharp, precise sword of His word.

Name withheld, NSW, Australia

It was so lovely how you encouraged the children and how they were so willing. My 12yo son wrote this after you prayed for him, “Today I was prayed for at church for my pains in my bladder area and was healed from my pains. I felt the Holy Spirit come over me. I felt a rush of healing and I felt relieved and my pains went away straight away just like that. Now I have no pains not even slightly.” My other son now wants to be baptized. WOW! God is SO GOOD.

Pastor Peter Hollins, Qld, Australia

Ron and Justine have ministered our church on a number of occasions. Without exception, each time has brought a great blessing and truly God inspired teaching. I am happy to recommend these two great ministers of the Gospel to any church or meeting. Their prophetic and healing gifts are evident in their and are a blessing to all who meet them. We look forward to their next visit.
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