Testimonies 2009

What God has been doing with your prayers…

These testimonies are the testimony of the goodness of the Lord, His love and care for the church and the power of Salvation! Praise the Lord! There are so many testimonies and instances of healing and we have not listed them all.

Note: This page is a compilation of some of the testimonies from 2009. There are many more which remain unpublished. We publish these here to the glory of Jesus Christ, by whose stripes we are healed and who is our great redeemer.


We have not put down any names or places deliberately so as to protect the privacy of the people concerned. As we go on we will be asking people who have received a healing and/or miracle for permission to release some details.


  • A woman who had been experiencing joint pain in her lower back and kidneys was instantly healed when prayed for. This had been an ongoing condition that had bothered her for years.
  • A young woman had head pain that would flare up continually was instantly released.
  • A woman responded to a word of knowledge about “a fuzzy head”. She said that she had fuzzy thinking and a pain that felt like a knife in her head. While we were ministering Justine prayed specifically for this pain to leave immediately, and the lady said she felt it go. Her eyes opened and surprise was on her face as she said, “Its gone, its gone!” The fuzzy thinking was also dealt with. In that meeting many people came forward for the Fuzzy Head call and all were instantly released.
  • We had a word that someone’s tongue was sore. Eventually a boy came forward with his parent, he suffered from ongoing ulcers on his tongue (this was exactly the feeling that Justine had when she gave the word). We ministered the Lord’s healing power and he was released! Hallelujah!
  • One lady had been suffering from chest pain for over six weeks, the doctors didn’t know what it was and she was due to go for more tests the next day. During the ministry, she was totally released, the pain going instantly from her chest. During the rest of the meeting she was continually amazed that she was free from pain.
  • A boy had lower abdominal pain and came to the front in response to a word of knowledge about pain in the lower abdomen. When hands were laid on him he was released from the pain. His father revealed later that he had been suffering from an ongoing bladder complaint. We have since received an email from this family telling us that the pain has not returned. The Healing power of Jesus made him well!
  • Another boy had what might be called shin splints, and was released when prayed over.
  • Several men came forward when a word was given about shyness! AMAZING. They were prayed for, and were released.
  • A man who had a problem with his voice, could only talk very softly for years and couldn’t sing. After prayer he was talking in a normal voice at normal volume! Although he had been reluctant to put his hand up in response to the word, he was instantly released when he came forward.
  • We had a word of knowledge about a man we were ministering to on another matter having severe problems with insomnia. During prayer, he felt the anointing of the Spirit touch him.
  • A 28 year old woman came forward who had suffered arthritis since a little girl in her whole body. She suffered terribly and was afraid of even going to the beach because the waves would hurt her. We both wept as the Lord ministered to her, healing her emotions, and memories and releasing her from pain. We have ongoing contact with her and the Lord is continuing to heal her body! This was a precious healing and time of ministry.
  • A woman came forward in response to a word about a burning sensation in her stomach. She had seen her doctor and was due to see the specialist the next morning.  She was instantly released.
  • Two men came forward for a word about pain on the right side of the abdomen just under the ribs, both were instantly released when ministered too. Although in the same church, neither had known the other had the same ongoing complaint and were seen afterwards comparing where the pain had been and that they were healed.
  • A woman came forward in response to a word about pain in her right hand. When she came forward we could see that it was twisted and swollen from her wrist down to her fingers.  She cried as she told us she was a musician who had been crying out to God to heal her so that she wouldn’t lose her music.  She was released from pain and we watched as the swelling went down before our eyes.
  • A young couple came forward when we had a word about a couple who had lost children. They were weeping as they explained that they had lost their babies during pregnancy. There was a time of ministry of words of knowledge and prophecy and both received emotional healing, strength to go on and new determination to be led by the Spirit. This was a precious time and is very hard to convey the import and emotional renewal we saw as these precious people were ministered to by the Holy Spirit.
  • Update: As at the end of January 2010 this couple are now expecting a child, the young lady is seven month’s pregnant and they are very happy and contented. Praise the LORD! What a kind God He is to His children.
  • In September last year, we prayed for a little girl who was severely afflicted with Cerebral Palsy.  She could not walk and was not responding well to therapy she had been having for a long time.  Within a week of God touching her, she was able to walk with assistance and has been responding to therapy since then. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!
  • ver those same meetings in September, people were healed of painful feet, weak ankles, weakness and pain in leg muscles and abdominal pain.
  • In November we saw God touch a 15 year old girl who had been born four months prematurely and who had partial paralysis to her right side due to Cerebral Palsy. She was set free from the paralysis and immediately was able to move her right leg as quickly and strongly as her left leg.  Her tears turned to laughter and her dad who was watching looked like the happiest dad in town.
  • Over those same few days, God touched and healed people of pain from heel spurs, abdominal pain from hernia, back pain and hip pain. A woman who had a ‘frozen’ shoulder and was in debilitating pain which prevented much movement in her arm, was immediately set free from the pain and was able to swing her arm 360 degrees. That’s amazing!
  • In December, God touched people in meetings in Cairns and healings included an ulcerated toe which had become necrotic (dead tissue) and was to be amputated that week. Four of us watched the toe of this older Islander lady change from black and dull to a normal skin tone.  She was immediately released from the pain which was running up her foot and leg and was able to press the toe into the floor.  The next day she told us she thought she could kick a football with that foot it was so good!
  • One of the musicians had undergone abdominal surgery and the wound had dehisced (stitches came undone). He had had further surgery to close the wound some time before the meeting and he told us that he came to the meetings even though he’d only been released from hospital the day before.  He was in obvious pain, had difficulty moving and was unable to sit upright.  God touched him in an instant and he was totally set free from the pain.   His whole face changed, he was immediately able to sit upright and he was so excited that he was doing the ‘chicken dance’ across the church after the meeting.
  • Other healings included a young man instantly released from Sciatica, an older woman healed of hip pain from a hip replacement twelve months beforehand, severe long term head and neck pain,  severe back pain and respiratory difficulties eased.