Testimonies 2010 Part A

Note: This page is a compilation of some of the testimonies from 2010. There are many more which remain unpublished. We publish these here to the glory of Jesus Christ, by whose stripes we are healed and who is our great redeemer.

Esperance: Wonders from the Bottom of Australia

If you look at the map of Australia, Esperance is near to being the very bottom of Western Australia. It is certainly true that as you look out from there between the islands in the bay, the next stop is Antarctica.

Western Australia is sparsely populated and many people there are isolated. Esperance is isolated in the state and indeed from the rest of the country, but God is doing something wonderful there.

Three people who had hearing impairment had their hearing restored in seconds.

One young man needed work. He was prayed for on Thursday evening, was given a day’s work on Saturday and on Monday received an offer of a full time position.

Another lady had suffered pain down the back of her calves for some time and was instantly released from that pain when ministered to by members of the congregation.

Three people who had pain difficulties in their ankles were released from the pain difficulties as others from the congregation prayed for them. Thank you Lord.

We strongly believe that life in the Spirit including healing, miracles, words of knowledge and prophecy, is within the realm of what God calls all the church to. We teach how to move in these kingdom gifts and use work shopping to allow ordinary members of congregations to become comfortable with life in the Spirit. Time and time again we see people who have never before moved in these spiritual gifts become quickly able to do things they never thought they could. The truth is that the Lord is not only willing but desirous that everyone move in these areas. We just help people tap into the flow of the Spirit that is always flowing from the throne room of God.

Hundreds in Prayer Line at Churchlands W.A.

The Lord worked in immense power in CHURCHLANDS at Balcatta and there was such a great response to the word and Spirit in the meeting. Many people were touched by the Holy Spirit, many were healed (too many to count or even recall) and many felt ministered to in a very special way. Pastors John and Alaine McElroy are leading a move of God that we are convinced will touch the rest of the nation of Australia.

We have since had a great deal of feedback that is both encouraging and exciting about the ministry there. This church is going on to what the Lord has in store for her and it is my firm belief that CHURCHLANDS is seeing even now a revival and that the Lord is meeting vividly with His people there. Watch this space! We will hear much of CHURCHLANDS in future.

The Lord Moves in Dunsborough W.A.

The Lord spoke through words of knowledge and as a result healed knee complaints, leg injuries and pains, abdominal pains and other various infirmities and illnesses at Dunsborough. One of the highlights of this meeting was the way the Lord healed George from pain in his knees that he had suffered for twenty years. George’s video testimony is on our website and is well worth looking at, it gives hope to those who have been suffering chronic debilitating pain.

He tells of how he fell over on the road in Mandurah. As a result of the fall George’s knees were damaged in a way that has caused him pain ever since. He told us of how he had this pain every day, of how irritating it was and how difficult life has been with this nagging pain. A number of people from his fellowship gathered round George, ministered healing with Justine and George was released! Twenty years of pain was just a memory in seconds.

We caught up with George a couple of weeks later and he was delighted with his ‘new knees’. George says his life has changed with the absence of pain in his knees.

Unity in Augusta births move of the Spirit

The small town of Augusta in the South East of Western Australia has a wonderfully varied gathering of believers meeting in the Anglican church on Sunday evenings and sometimes in the Ambulance Hall near the local hospital. Our first series of meetings there earlier this year brought a healing fruit in those who attended and the people were very keen to have us back. How wonderful it was to see our friends again. Pastors Lynne and Gordon welcomed us to the Ambulance Hall for a series of meetings on how to have healing and miracles evident in your life on a daily basis.

The Lord brought a refreshing to the people as they learned how to operate the gifts of the Spirit and there were many healings manifested as they prayed for each other. One lady named Kerry had a painful lump on her knee. The knee had been quite painful for some time and the lady had appointments to see the doctor to have the lump removed. As other ladies gathered round her and prayed she felt heat in her knees, then the lump disappeared!

Kerry’s video testimony is up on our website, she tells us that the pain had been debilitating but since her healing (the video was recorded a few days after the healing) the pain had gone, her agility had returned and she could now use her knees as well as ever. On the video testimony you can even see the relief in Kerry’s face as she talks about it.

The meetings at Augusta reminded me of the scripture from Psalms 133:1 Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! The meetings in Augusta are a prime example of what God will do when His people begin to care for one another and dwell in unity, no matter about their denominational differences.

Powerful Healing in Busselton

The Church of Christ in Busselton, pastored by Lee Sykes hosted a number of meetings on how to have words of knowledge, healing and other Kingdom gifts operating in your life. These meetings were a great time of teaching and demonstrating Kingdom Gifts and there were a number of very significant healings there. One young man who had spinal problems was healed in minutes as we prayed. His wife could hardly believe her eyes as she checked how straight his back had become!

Another young lady responded to a word of knowledge about a lower abdomen pain that seemed to be in a vertical line. She was released from the pain in just a few minutes. Her sister came forward to have her feet prayed for. One foot was significantly larger than the other (by about an inch) and so we sat her down and placed her feet on a chair out in front of her.

She was surrounded by her family and her pastor as we prayed for her feet to become normalised. As I pushed the balls of her feet back up towards her a miracle happened! Her feet changed sizes. I can’t tell whether one got smaller or the other got bigger, or whether it was a combination of the two, but there was great excitement as everyone could see that her feet were now the same size. The girl cried, her sister was excited, her mother and aunt were both excited to see what God had done. All things are possible for those who believe.

A remarkable healing was another in response to word of knowledge. A lady had painful wisdom teeth. Justine prayed for this lady along with those people sitting near her. She said that she felt the pain rush down her body and leave her through her feet! The Lord Jesus can do anything. Wisdom teeth pain? No problem for Jesus Christ to heal.

We are amazed at how often the Lord heals even when people don’t really expect Him to. It is true that the Lord is more willing to heal people than they are to be healed. When He says, “I am the Lord who heals you” He really means it!

We also saw a lot of instances where ongoing and troubling emotional pain was gently healed by our loving Saviour. The Lord is interested in every part of our lives and wants us to be whole and healthy in every area. Mind, soul, spirit and body. We often think of healing pertaining to the physical arena but increasingly I am becoming aware that there is a great need in this age for people to have healing for their minds and emotions as well as their bodies. In this trip we have seen time and time again the compassion of Jesus for suffering and His willingness to relieve mental anguish, emotional pain and mental illness.

Healing and the Prophetic in Western Australia

During our month in Western Australia we saw hundreds of people receive their healing. In fact, so many people were healed it is almost impossible to recall all the instances. We saw so many instantaneous healings and miracles that we can’t keep track. The Lord is increasing His anointing and we see the movement of the Holy Spirit wherever we go. We can feel the movement of revival fires in the hearts of people as they respond to the Lord.

In 2008 Prophet Ruckins McKinley prophesied that when the Australian Dollar and the American dollar reach parity there would begin a mighty revival in Australia.

The two currencies have been bouncing around parity for a few months now and we see the signs of revival in the hearts of many. Justine and I believe that Australia’s time for a major revival is here now and we see God performing many miracles and healing many people everywhere we go.

We believe that New Zealand and Australia have a twin part to play, that God has counted us as one in the spirit and it is interesting to us that both Western Australia and New Zealand (Opposite ends of the lands) are particularly hot right now in the Holy Spirit.

NSW Early September

A man who had pain in his back was released from pain.

A lady who had chronic pain for a long time came out in response to a word of knowledge and was healed straight away with prayer.

People from the congregation came out and prayed for each other and saw their friends healed from various complaints. It is always very encouraging for people to be involved in this way and their faith is always lifted when they see God answering their prayers.

A young man had a work injury in that he found it painful to hold something heavy and his arm ached in the inside of his elbow. We prayed for him a number of times, each time the pain receded a little. After praying for him three or four times he reported that he had no pain at all! Praise the Lord.

NSW Late September

A man was healed from chronic long term pain in his abdomen.

A lady came out in response to a word of knowledge about emotional pain stemming from something that had occurred in her childhood. She was set free from a bondage that had plagued her for years. The Lord is so sweet as He delivers his people from things that seek to ruin their lives.

A young lady with eye sight problems was healed.

A man with neck and shoulder pain was instantly set free. When we checked on him some days later he reported that he felt great! God is so powerful, He is able to deliver us from the most besetting ailments.

A man with significant back pain was set free in minutes. He had suffered for years and now was moving about freely!

Western Austrlian Healings in August

A lady with chronic pain in her left arm and shoulder was released from pain instantly.

A man who had pain in his back from a work injury became pain free with prayer.

A young woman had a sore neck from an accident. It had been sore for a couple of years and she was totally freed from neck and shoulder pain with prayer. She also received a significant healing in her emotions through word of knowledge and the prophetic.

A man had a traumatic back injury that was five years old. He was instantly released from pain.

A woman had severe pain and discomfort due to bunions on her foot. The swelling went down immediately with prayer and her pain and discomfort receded at the same time. She also received prophetic ministry which greatly encouraged her.

A lady with pain in both elbows was released instantly.

A lady with pain in both knees was healed.

A young man had a motor bike accident which resulted in his right arm being unable to bend properly plus he had pain in his elbow. Both conditions were ministered too and both got better straight away. He went away rejoicing in the Lord.

Another man who had a painful foot and leg was released from the pain.

A man who had nerve damage in both arms causing pins and needles right down from his elbows to his fingers was released. He had suffered from this for years and doctors couldn’t help.

More Western Australian Healings in August

A man who had a severe pain in his lower back from a work injury had suffered for over ten years. He also had some emotional hurts that bound him. As he was healed from these hurts he began to feel the lightness of the Holy Spirit and a great peace came over his soul. We prayed for his back, laying hands on it but he did not seem to be any better. We prayed again and a third time, after which he said he felt some heat there in his lower back.

We claimed the victory and declared the healing, although he said he felt little better. He went back to his seat and then the service ended. Afterwards he told us that he had been healed, all the pain had left him and he was walking straighter and easier! Thank you Jesus!

A few days later we heard from him again that not only was his back healed but his knees were healed as well! He said his knees had been hurting for years and now they weren’t hurting anymore! The Lord graciously gave him more than he bargained for!

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,  (Ephesians 3:20 ESV)

Even More Western Australian Healings in August

A lady with long term lower back problems resulting from a car accident was prayed for a couple of times and the pain was greatly relieved but not completely gone. Later on during that ministry Justine had a prophetic word/ word of knowledge that the pain was related to unforgiveness. When they talked about this it turned out that the lady had been nursing feelings of guilt over her involvement in the accident, even though she was not at fault.

Justine led her gently through forgiveness and as a result the lady was completely healed and set free from the pain! Jesus always provides the answers and is the Healer of both our physical afflictions and our emotional needs.

A lady who had tightness and pain in the back of her ankle reaching right up the back of her leg came out in response to a word of knowledge. Her pain was released immediately!

Another woman also came out in response to that word and was pain free in minutes.

In that particular meeting there were many words of knowledge, many healings and many more people who came forward for prayer. As far as we can ascertain every single person who came out for prayer received their petition from the Lord, it was a powerful time in the Holy Ghost.

Newcastle – NSW

A lady was healed from chronic back pain which she had suffered for over two years.

Another lady was healed from pain throughout her body.

A lady was healed of pain in her right foot.

We received a testimony from a man we had ministered to in April this year. At that time he weighed less than fifty kilos and was unable to keep his food down. This was a particularly nasty and debilitating affliction which was very serious. After prayer this man was able to eat straight away without bringing the food up. Since then he has put on more than twenty kilos! Praise the Lord! He said that it is so good to be able to eat!

A man was healed from tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

A lady was healed of scoliosis.

Harvest For Christ – Orange, NSW.

Our time with Glen and Rhonda Reid at Harvest for Christ in Orange NSW was excellent. We ministered with the young people and in both their Sunday services.

In the Youth Meeting on Friday night we shared with them that each one can and should minister in the Holy Ghost as a normal part of life. We encouraged them that no matter where they have come from and what their former lives have been like, the power of the Holy Spirit is available to them and that God really wants to use them. We encouraged them to step out in ministering to each other and to the wider body and non believers as well.

We taught them how to minister to each other in prayer, how to minister the healing anointing and how to minister peace, joy and blessing to each other. We did two workshops with them, demonstrating these ministries and allowing each one the opportunity to minister. It was very encouraging!

During the meeting they all prayed for a young man who had suffered from flat feet. They gathered round him and began to minister as they had been taught and right there and he was healed. They were all elated that their prayers were effectual, that they had wielded spiritual power and that it had worked! It was a great meeting and no-one wanted to go home afterwards.

On Sunday morning we ministered in words of knowledge, healing and we taught on How to Deal with the Enemy’s Attacks on Your Peace and Confidence.


We had a word of knowledge for painful feet. A lady came out who had poor circulation in her feet which caused them to be cold, numb and painful to walk on. Her feet became warm, the numbness 90% left and the pain cleared up. She also had pain in the lumbar region of her back that cleared up straight away! Thank you Jesus.

Another man had a feeling like a band of iron in his neck, stopping him from turning his head and causing a lot of pain. He was released instantly.

Another lady had been punished as a child by being closed in a cupboard, she came out in response to a word of knowledge about it and was ministered to, receiving a significant healing as a result.

Sunday night’s meeting was equally good, the Lord met us in a remarkable way. Justine had three words of knowledge: 1. Recently diagnosed diabeties; 2. Someone who had a family history of female problems and great difficulties in childbearing and feared that it would come upon them as well; and 3. Someone had a ‘grey cloud’ over their head and distressed and fuzzy thinking. No-one came out for any of them.

After the word, people responded to each one of these words! They were all ministered to and received their healings, as well as a large number of others who came out for ministry at the end of the service. The third word of knowledge about the ‘grey cloud’ had three people come out in response, one of whom was just visiting the church for the night and she got saved! Thank you Jesus.

There was great ministry of impartation, prophetic words for people and strengthening ministry as well. It was a great meeting and once again, no-one wanted to go home. We love the feel of the Orange and believe there is a definite climate of revival over the church and the town.

New Zealand

Southern Rivers Church, Invercargill

Our time in New Zealand was such a blessing. We spent three Sundays at Southern Rivers Church pastored by Danny Steel. www.southernriver.org.au. We ministered in the Sunday services; a home meeting on Monday night; a three night, six session leadership series for their church leadership team; meetings with their four interns during the days; a four night, eight session marriage seminar in the second week; a women’s meeting with Justine and a men’s meeting with Ron; plus pastoral care with the church leaders.

This church meets in a refurbished hundred year old theatre. The facility is amazing, right in the CBD of Invercargill and gives them opportunity to minister to all sorts of people. I feel the Spirit saying there’s going to be explosive growth in this church and I see them putting their leadership into place to be able to deal with the growth.


We saw everything from flat feet made unflat (arches growing right in front of everyone’s eyes!), two people with scoliosis healed immediately, several cases of asthma healed, stomach complaints, ankles, knees and heart conditions, as well as other illnesses healed or relieved. We have seen a lot of emotional healing as well.

A lady who had been bleeding for five years, said the doctors couldn’t help her, was prayed for. A few days later she sent us word that for the first time in five years the bleeding had stopped and she was feeling well and strong. She was so elated and we rejoice with her.

A couple who had been unable to become pregnant, even with IVF, became pregnant after prayer!

Timaru Christian Centre

The Pastors of Timaru Christian Centre are Derek and Jenny Craig who have a real heart for the Gospel and the people of Timaru, just listening to them speak about their people is inspiring!

We had excellent meetings in Timaru. So many healings have manifested in the meetings, we struggle to remember them all. The Lord is just so gracious! We taught at a leadership meeting on being a Supernatural Leader in the Twenty First Century, and in the church’s meetings on laying down the foundations for becoming a person of influence in the community and moving in the supernatural. The people were very open to the Spirit and were very kind to us. The Lord is moving strongly and we see the revival spirit everywhere we go.

Timaru – New Zealand

Here are samples of the healings that took place in Timaru:

A man with enormous pain in his lower back was instantly released as he was prayed for. After a couple of days he joyfully reported that the pain was still gone.

A lady with nerve pain in her shoulders back and hips was totally released when prayed for.

A man with chronic problems with his foot was healed instantly during the meeting. He said that he could not bend his toes even a small amount for five years yet now the Lord had healed him, he could flex it normally without any pain. Praise the Lord, He loves His people so!

A lady who had been deaf in one ear for five years was healed straight away after prayer!

A number of people who had never had a Word of Knowledge successfully received words, had responses and ministered healing to those people.

A lady diagnosed with liver cancer had been given no hope for survival by her doctors started to get stronger and filled with life. As at the time of this writing her doctors say she now has a 50/50 chance of beating this terrible disease. We believe she will live and not die.

Another lady who had undergone surgery for cancer received prayer whilst in hospital and was so much improved afterwards that her doctors released her from hospital just a couple of days later!

Christchurch North Elim Church, New Zealand

Our time in Christchurch North Elim Church was fantastic, we saw so many healings we have lost count and cant remember them all. We met with the leadership and pastoral staff a number of times. We had night meetings, a men’s breakfast and the Sunday meetings. We stayed with Pastors Stuart and Marilyn McLellan in their lovely home. Stuart and Marilyn made us very welcome and showed us around Christchurch. A lovely surprise was that this church supports Lorraine Dierck from the Good News Team in Thailand, one of our favourite missions!

*A man who had a frozen shoulder for over three weeks was instantly healed. He was so joyful!

*A lady who had fallen from a horse 18 months ago (the doctors have been unable to help her) and had been in a back brace had her lower back and shoulder released from pain when prayed for.

*A number of people with Sinus and breathing problems were released instantly.

*A lady with a ‘rod of pain’ across her shoulder blades was released after prayer.

*A number of people with severe psychological and emotional problems have reported being restored.

*A man with pain throughout his body from a genetic condition was completely released from pain for the first time in years and is now excited about going back to work after an extended period where he could not hold down a job.

*A man with hearing loss in one ear had his hearing completely restored.

*A lady with vertigo was completely restored after a long period of being ill.

*Another lady was released from chronic dizziness.

*A lady with lower back pain that extended down into her legs and feet was released from pain.

*A lady with weak ankles associated with pain in her feet and ankles was restored.