Testimonies 2010 Part B

Note: This page (and Testimonies 2010 Part A) is a compilation of some of the testimonies from 2010. There are many more which remain unpublished. We publish these here to the glory of Jesus Christ, by whose stripes we are healed and who is our great redeemer.

More Healing in New Zealand

*A man with sciatica was healed instantly.

*Another man with pain that stretched right down his leg was healed.

*A lady with problems associated with her childhood (terrible abuse) was released from the bitterness and fear in her life.

*Many people with back pain were released as they were prayed for!

*A lady with fears that stemmed from her childhood was completely released from those fears. This brought about a great release in others as we prayed for them. Four or five people in the same meeting were ministered to and reported a great difference in their lives and thinking as a result.

*A man with pain and tightness behind his knee was completely released. He went for a run outside the church during the service to rejoice in his healing and returned with joy! He had been unable to run for some time, and the pain had been affecting his ability to work.

*A man with chronic ongoing pain in his head was released.

*Two ladies with migraine were released.

*A lady with chronic localised pain in the left rear side of her head was healed instantly.

Newcastle – Church 4 Life

During the course of our visit there were 12 salvations and some significant healings.

*One lady who had been unable to get up and down from her chair without help because of weakness in her ankles and feet was jumping around and excitedly proclaiming her healing.

*Another man who has been diagnosed with MS said that the numb feelings in his legs and feet have been greatly relieved, his knees are now without pain, his sight is much improved and even that some screws which had been surgically inserted in his knees are now GONE! Praise the Lord! He says that they disappeared when he was prayed for.

*Other healings include tinnitus gone, stomach pains gone: a man who had been unable to eat without much discomfort and sometimes vomiting his food reported he felt much better. When we gave him something to eat in the meeting he was able to eat without any adverse side effects.

*A lady with a large cyst that was causing her great pain was due to have an operation when Justine prayed for her. The pain immediately subsided and she was healed.

Fiji – Main Island

This was our fist time to Fiji (but we believe, not our last) and we learnt so much by experiencing first hand the wealth of expertise in both your teams and our Fijian hosts. We fell in love with Fiji and her people. We experienced God’s favour and power as we faced difficulties and challenges.

As we landed in Nadi I felt the Lord speak to me of His favour over the Fijian people and that there is an open heaven over the nation, indeed over the individual and collective peoples of Fiji. This became a theme for our ministry there.

We held meetings in Nadi and the Lautoka bus terminal. These were well attended and visited with exuberant praise and worship. There were a number of significant healings and some recommitments and also some good opportunities to minister to people’s needs in prayer and counselling.

Numbers of people healed and saved at these meetings, two of whom attended the Easter service at Lautoka the next Sunday. One of these men had received Christ whilst in Prison but had not gone on with fellowship since being released because of shame. He was joyfully brought into the fellowship and I have every reason to believe he will be a much loved and valued member of the congregation. Another man was small and thin and had been in a motor accident, having awful injuries to his face. He was delivered of a demon during a service at Lautoka.

Fiji – Taveuni Island

Taveuni is Fiji’s third largest island, situated right on the 180 degree line, it is where each new day begins. The village we ministered in is called Vuna, which means “BEGINNING” or “NEW BEGINNING”. What a great pleasure and privilege it was to minister to these precious people in Vuna!

The people were very shy and had to be encouraged to go forward with personal invitations at the end of the meetings. There were many, many salvation decisions made. Significantly the chiefs and elders of the villages (there are two villages side by side by my understanding) were the first to be healed and make a decision for Christ. This led the way for a great number of salvation experiences and many healings on the second night.

There were some very significant healings during our time in Vuna Village. One of the chiefs was the very first one to be healed of a debilitating affliction in his right neck, shoulder and upper arm. He was joyfully swinging his arm around and all could see he had a great release. He gave his heart to the Lord the next day!

Another very significant healing was the driving out of demons from a Chief’s daughter and her release from fears, anxieties and oppressions. The Lord ministered powerfully to her and she was wonderfully released. She attended the meetings afterwards and you could see the difference in her. It was wonderful.

We held a baptism in the local men’s bathing pool on Friday where the chief and his wife as well as a few others were baptised publicly. This is a great step forward for the church on Taveuni as the people deeply respect their elders and chiefs.

Many people were healed of painful conditions in their bodies; boils and blood disorders; many people with back pain were healed; many people with afflicting spirits were healed and gained instant relief.

There were so many healings that it was impossible to record them or even keep track of them. There were many salvation experiences.

A Spirit filled church (A Worship Centre Church) has been established in Vuna from these meetings and now there is a planting program of a local commercial crop that provides employment for the villagers and an income for their new pastor! The GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST not only provides SALVATION and HEALING but also FINACIAL PROVISION and ECONOMIC HEALTH for local communities. Thank you Jesus! Jesus is so kind to His people.

Newcastle NSW

Both Knees released from chronic pain

A man came forward for prayer after a word of knowledge about an issue in both knees. He said he had calcification problems in his knees plus an issue with his ligaments. Some people from the congregation gathered around him and we prayed. He immediately felt better, and said the pain had left him. He was able to do knee bends and jumps, then he went for a run around the block! He said that he hadn’t been able to run for some time. Hallelujah! The Lord heals knees on the run!

Ear pain gone!

We had another word about ear pain. A lady came forward and was completely released. This was followed by a number of healings in and around the ears. In the last little while we have seen repeatedly that the Lord is releasing people from problems with their ears. It began in Perth and has carried over to NSW and now in Queensland: the Lord releasing people from all manner of problems with and around their ears. How good is that! The Lord is giving His blessing on ear complaints.

If you are reading this and you have an issue with your ears, place your hands on your ears and believe God for your healing. Command the problem to go in the name of Jesus. By Jesus’ wounds we were healed. He said, “I am the Lord God who heals you.”

-If you have received a healing when you did this, please go to our contacts page and send us a testimony of what the Lord has done for you. We would love to hear from you!

Tinnitus—Eight People Healed

We wrote earlier of a woman who had been healed from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). This is a debilitating affliction and can drive some people to enormous lengths in their quest to be free from it. We had no idea how common it is. Since that time, just in the last couple of weeks we have seen EIGHT (8) people set free from tinnitus, including the woman we wrote about a couple of weeks ago!

In many of these instances the healing has been in response to ‘body ministry’ as people in the congregations have prayed for one another and seen their friends set free as they have prayed.

One poor lady was set free who had suffered for thirty (30) years as a result from trauma to her head. This poor lady has been coping for all these long years with these terrible symptoms and was set free in seconds as she was prayed for!

Join with us in praise to the Lord God our HEALER for these wonderful examples of His might and dominion over every sickness and disease.

Work Injuries, Back Pain and Baby Healed

Multiple Work Injuries Put Right in Response to Multiple Words of Knowledge

A man came out a few times in response to different words of knowledge in the same meeting. He said that each issue was a result of injuries he had suffered while at work. He told us that he had been in constant pain and unable to work as a result. He received ministry from different people from the congregation and reported his pain levels greatly reduced and also a pleasing improvement in his physical abilities.

Baby’s Physical Condition Improves

In one meeting a couple presented their baby girl for prayer as she had been ill for some time. We prayed for her and they took her home with no fanfare. A week later they phoned their pastor to tell him that their baby girl is healed and they totally attributed the healing to the Lord’s healing power.

Work-shopping Words of Knowledge

During our meetings we sometimes teach people how they can operate in Words of Knowledge. The following four testimonies are from meetings where we have work-shopped Words of Knowledge. It is amazing to see people entering into the freedom to allow the Spirit flow in this way in their lives.

Cloudy Thinking

A Word by a lady in the church who had never operated in Words of Knowledge before about cloudy or fuzzy thinking brought out a young man and his mother. His mother reported that her son had Asperger’s Syndrome and suffered from cloudy thinking which made his life very difficult. After the lady who had the Word prayed for him, he fell under the power. When he got up he said the fuzziness was gone. When I asked him later in the day how he was going, he said with a grin that his head was completely clear!

Emotional Healing

Another lady who had never before given a Word of Knowledge gave a Word about a “Sad Heart”. Three people came out in response to this and each one was gently and deeply touched by the Holy Ghost when prayed for. The Lord is so kind to His people and loves to heal our emotional hurts as well as the physical. One of the people who responded to this said the next day that he was feeling quite different.

Back Pain Gone

Another person gave a word about back pain, his first Word of Knowledge ever. A man responded to it saying that he had a work related injury, he was prayed for and found that his back stopped aching!

March 2010

Shoulder Helped

Some people are extremely accurate, even to the point ofselecting a particular person and ailment and though they have never operated in this way before. One woman had a Word for a specific woman in the congregation (whom she did not know) about her shoulder. The woman confirmed that she had an issue in her shoulder, came out for prayer and was instantly set free.

Emotional Healing

A number of people came forward in response to a word about “an emotional tearing with a family member” and were ministered to in prayer. Each one was released and reported a healing in their emotions, as the Lord ministered into their situations and circumstances. It is more difficult to write about these sorts of ministry times but I do so because these sorts of healings are as important as any other. Emotional disturbance can be a very debilitating thing, and left unchecked or undealt with, can result in serious harm to a person and can even lead to physical problems.

A lady who had previously had her lymph glands removed surgically was prayed for by a couple of young people attending the meeting and was surprised to find that the places where the glands had been removed from had filled in. When she came to the meeting there were empty voids where the lymph glands had been taken, after prayer she found her skin and flesh to be restored. There was a noisy shout of praise at this discovery. The Lord is so good.

Reaching the Lost!

A lady came to a meeting because of infirmities in her body and was seeking healing prayer. She received a touch from the Lord and decided to give her life to the Lord, accepting Him as her saviour. We are always so JOYFUL when someone decides to follow Jesus and we join in with heaven as they rejoice over the sinner who repents, the one who becomes a new creature created in Christ. Join with us in asking the Lord for a greater anointing for healing and salvation.

Chronic Back Pain

A lady who told us she had been involved in four bad car accidents, one of which was a terrible accident where the car plunged into a river, had suffered from chronic back pain for a long time. When she was prayed for, she believed for her healing as the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment (Matthew 9:20-22) and was made well. Jesus’ words resounded in this woman’s mind as she felt the pain in her back draining away, “Be of good cheer, daughter; your faith has made you well.” (Matt 9:22)

Words of Knowledge

A lady came forward with stomach pains, she said she had stomach pains and reflux type symptoms for a long time. She said she was in pain as she spoke. When the Lord touched her the pains vanished!

Another lady came forward in response to a word of knowledge about back pain in the lower back at a specific place in the spine. She said she had chronic pain that was so bad that pain killers did not cope with it and that she ‘just had to live with it’. She went down under the power of the Spirit and when she stood back up she was pain free, “for the first time in years!” Thank you Jesus!


A lady came forward in response to a Word about something wrong with the ears. She told us that her ear drums had been damaged a number of times and that as a result of these damages she had suffered from tinnitus ever since. She told us that the ringing in her ears never stopped, that sometimes it was softer and sometimes louder but was always there. When a hand was laid on her ear, she reported the tinnitus greatly reduced. A hand was laid on her ear again and she said the tinnitus was completely gone. We saw her the next day and she said that when she woke in the morning it was so quiet!

Early to Mid February

Recently we conducted a Healing Conference and a public Healing Meeting in Joondalup, Western Australia.

We saw all sorts of things from emotional hurts and difficulties soothed and healed to actual pains disappearing as we prayed. One little girl who was suffering from Gall Stones was completely released from the pain of it instantly. The look on her face said it all. The strain disappeared and was replaced by a look of joy!

A young woman came forward in response to a word of knowledge. She told Justine she had been afflicted with digestive problems, a malformation in her stomach and her throat closes over, she had been bedridden for the last week and had been living on special pelletised food! The pains in her stomach disappeared and the tightness in her throat gone when she was prayed for. Thank you Jesus. This girl was really touched by the Lord.

A bloke called John had heart and lung problems for a long time. He told us that he had had a 6X heart bypass surgery some time ago and had given up work, could not walk for long distances, climb stairs, etc. When prayed for (in his seat) he felt renewed and invigorated, and started running up the lecture theatre stairs… it was amazing. The look in his face was even more amazing. The look on his wife’s face was even MORE AMAZING! Afterwards he just kept on talking about it. You could see he had a real release and was changed. I felt especially drawn to this man as he kept on giving praise and thanks to the Lord. He even came out and acted as a Catcher for the rest of the time, right to the end of the meeting, he was one of the last to go at nearly midnight last night, and he was STILL giving thanks and praise to the Lord. God really touched him deeply and you could see something stirring in him.

There were a number of people with pains in their feet and legs, a couple of ladies with deformities in their feet, all released from pain and trouble; a lady with a deformity in her arm that stopped her from extending her arm was made pain free and able to fully extend her arm when she received a touch from the Lord.

A woman came out out in response to a word about a head and neck pain. She told us she had lived with debilitating pain for years. She was released instantly and testified strongly in the meeting about the freedom the Lord had given her.

Two people were in pain from something wrong in their liver. The came forward, were prayed for and both released! Thank you Jesus.

A man who had a suspected cracked rib and had been having problems sleeping at night asked for prayer. He had been unable to lay down without sharp stabbing pains in his side, and had suffered from disturbed sleep because of this condition. When Justine prayed for him he said he felt nothing but when he tested it out by laying down and stretching out, he HAD NO PAIN! He reports that his sleep is much improved and the sharp pain has not returned.

January – February 2010

We just lately received testimony of another couple who had previously been unable to fall pregnant. After ministry and in response to their faith, they now report that they are three months pregnant! Join us in praise to God for this wonderful release in this couple’s life.

Incidentally, this is the fourth couple we have ministered to who have found God’s favour in this way.

A young man was released from nerve pain in both his forearms. He had suffered from this pain which was a result of a work injury, for some time. After prayer he said he was free of pain. He was also released from neck and shoulder pain as well.

Another young man had serious lower back pain that disabled him from work. He was quite distressed about this as he has a wife and small child. You should have seen the look of relief and joy on his face as he was released from this pain. He is now able to go back to work and reports that he is free from pain. What a blessing for a young man to be enabled to provide for his family. Our heavenly Father is so loving and kind to His people as he heals them and gives them the ability to live the lives they want to live.

A young man was released from pain in his wrist. He said the doctors had identified it as Carpel Tunnel pain and it was so bad that he was unable to work. He said all the pain left his wrist as soon as we prayed and he went off happily praising the Lord.

A lady who had arthritis in both hands had the pain eased and the contraction of her fingers eased straight away as she was prayed for.

Another lady who had suffered for years with fibromyalgia had instant relief after a time of ministry.

A lady with pain in her feet resulting from a knee replacement was instantly healed.

Wisdom and Knowledge for Prophetic Utterances

Paul says an interesting thing in Ephesians Chapter One:16-17 “do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers: that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him,”

Here he prays for the Ephesians that God would give them the ‘spirit of wisdom and revelation’. Why don’t we pray this for ourselves? In this life we certainly need wisdom to know what to do and we need creativity to come up with answers for life’s many problems. We also need to have these when we are ministering to people in the prophetic.

Begin to ask God for the spirit of wisdom and revelation to be given to you, seek His wisdom, seek His revelation and as you do, you will see that God answers such humble prayers. It is true humility to understand that we don’t have all the answers, we don’t have all the strength, but that God is the source of all we need.

As God begins to increase your wisdom and revelation you will begin to see things that were invisible to you before, you will begin to understand things that were beyond you before and you will be better off for it. Indeed, the people you minister to on a daily basis will be better off because you are operating in a deeper level of wisdom and knowledge.

We need wisdom and knowledge to grow our little ones!

Western Australian Healings in August

A lady who suffered from frozen shoulder was able to lift her hands all the way up in the air after prayer from people in the congregation.

A lady with a sore lower back had the pain released.

Another lady with arthritic hands regained use of her hands following prayer.

A lady who had painful lumps in her breast had the pain completely relieved and couldn’t find the lumps after ministery.

A lady who had pain in her head from just behind her eyes down over and around her right ear and to the back of her head towards her neck was released from pain.

A young mother had pain in her lower lumbar region of her back that had been nagging her for some time, she asked for prayer and was released completely from the pain. She also received a touch from the Lord.

A lady had been suffering from a spirit of fear for years. This affliction was dealt with and she felt it go. Immediately her face was peaceful and she said that she felt different and that she felt the peace of God.

A man with a prolapsed disk in his lumbar region was in great pain. After we laid hands on him he was able to bend over with his legs straight and touch the floor with no pain.

A lady with head and shoulder pain was healed with prayer.

A lady with constant pain felt the pain go as we laid hands on her. The surprised look on her face was a wonderful testimony as she told us how the pain left so suddenly.

A lady who had suffered from knee damage for ten years was instantly healed when ministered to. Her crucial ligaments were damaged and her doctors had told her there was nothing more they could do. She was unable to kneel, unable to climb stairs well and unable to walk straight after standing from a seated position. After her healing she was able to stand and walk straight away for the first time in years, able to kneel without any pain or discomfort and able to use her knee to get up!

A man who had problems with his right eye, some sort of stigmatism was released straight away. Afterwards his eye looked completely normal and he had no pain nor any irritation.

A lady who had severe back problems for some time was instantly released from the pain and was able to touch the floor with her hands flat on the floor after prayer.

A lady said she had a ‘clunky jaw’. She told how her jaw had been damaged by a dentist ten years ago and how she had lived with the dislocation for all that time. As she was being prayed for the clicking became less and less till  she had no sign of the ailment at all and the pain was gone.

A lady with pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome also suffered from heavy emotional pain and guilt. She was totally released and gained a physical healing as well.

A man with damaged knees was prayed for. Afterwards he was able to walk normally!

A lady with severe pain in her back was released from the pain with prayer.

A lady had two fractured vertebrae and a torn ligament in her left shoulder and a partially torn ligament in her right shoulder came forward for prayer. After prayer she had no pain in her left shoulder. She regained most of her movement in her neck and lost the pain.

A young man who had been injured at work had a bulging disk in his back giving him chronic pain for ten months. With prayer the disk ACTUALLY MOVED into place and his neck and shoulder pain reduced significantly.

A lady who had an accident which resulted in a chronic painful foot also had lower back pain from favouring the foot. When prayed for she felt instant relief in her back and then when she was prayed for again the chronic pain in her foot cleared up instantly.

Western Australian Healings in August – Cerebral Palsy

A young lady with cerebral palsy was unable to hold her head up straight, her hand was tightly curled and her arm was unable to be straightened. Her left leg was turn in and so was her foot. She had no strength in the left hand side of her body. She was unable to bend down to pick something up off the floor.

After an expended time of prayer her hand straightened out so that she could use it properly, she was able to hold her arm out straight and she walked with only a slight limp. She was able to hold her head up and had significantly more strength than before. After prayer she could even do squats! The Lord loves people and loves to heal!