Video Testimonies

Depending on your internet connection, this page may take a little while to download, but it is worth it! These testimonies are faith building and will encourage you.

George suffered from Pain in his

Kerry is healed from a very painful knee condition.

A lump on her knee disappeared! Thank you JESUS!

Cecil was healed in 1936! Seventy Four Years Later He Testifies!

Sandy healed from SCOLIOSIS!

A large cyst is gone!

The deaf hear!

Scoliosis Healed

Asthma Healed

Knee Healed

Deafness Healed

Neck and Shoulder Healed

Frozen Shoulder Released

John Healed after Heart Bypass

Back Healed

Tinitus Healed

Pain Gone

Head and shoulder Pain Healed

Chronic Long Term Pain Released